UCSC Recreational Scuba Program Overview

The OPERS Scuba Program at UC Santa Cruz offers a wide variety of opportunities to learn and enjoy scuba diving. Whether you want to explore the Monterey Bay, embark on an underwater research career, or become involved in scuba education, OPERS has the classes for you. The Recreational Scuba Program consists of classes and the "Scuba Slug" Scuba Dive Club.

UCSC Recreational Scuba Program History

Since Bob Widmann founded the UCSC Scuba Program in 1972, all courses have been taught under the auspices of National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and the Divers Alert Network (DAN).



When SCUBA classes are offered:
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Basic Basic Basic
Advanced Advanced Advanced
Rescue   Rescue
    ** Instructor
First Aid First Aid First Aid

* Divemaster is a 2-qtr class, beginning in Winter.
** Instructor course takes place the last two weeks in June.