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Directions to Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor


UCSC Community Boating Center

Mariner Park Way,

Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(831) 425-1164


The UCSC Dock at the Harbor is located on the west side of the harbor, under the Murray-Eaton bridge.

The Harbor is located at the 'H' marker shown on the map below.

Driving directions from UCSC

  • From the UCSC Main Entrance, go down Bay St.
  • Turn Left onto Mission St.
  • Turn right onto Laurel St.
  • Follow Laurel Street for several blocks, go through stoplights at Pacific Ave. & Front St. Go over the bridge over San Lorenzo River and Laurel turns into Broadway.
  • Stay on Broadway, go through the Ocean Street Intersection, go up a hill, go several blocks and turn right at stoplight onto Seabright Ave.
  • Stay on Seabright all the way to the ocean and turn left onto Atlantic.
  • Follow Atlantic to the Harbor, turn left into Harbor entrance, go down a hill and drive through parking areas until you reach the Murrary-Eaton bridge (you will be below the bridge, it runs over the Harbor.
  • Note: All parking is metered

Below is a zoomed-in view of the previous map, with the 'H' marker being at the insection of Atlantic, and the Harbor entrance, where you will turn left


Directions via Santa Cruz Metro

  • From the Santa Cruz Metro Center, take Route 68 toward the Capitola Mall
  • Exit the bus at the Murray & Seabright bus stop
  • Continue down Murry towards the Harbor, there will be stairs on your right before the bridge
  • The UCSC Dock is located under the bridge

UCSC Community Boating Center

  • FF Dock, SCYH
  • Mariner Park Way
  • Santa Cruz, CA 95062
  • Phone: 831.425.1164
  • Email:


Method of transportation

Walking is quite enjoyable, especially coming from the downtown area via the San Lorenzo river path on the ocean side of the river.

If you decide to Bike, there are bike racks above our dock in the parking lot. Bring a lock!

By bus the Metro 68 route is the most direct, getting off at Seabright Ave.

By car remember it is always better to carpool! There is metered parking right above our dock.


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